Joe “How can the whole world become ‘post-war’?”

This picture is a mosaic of 100,000 origami cranes.
In the picture, Joe says “How can the whole world become 'post-war’?"


How can the whole world become 'post-war'?
Joe “How can the whole world become 'post-war’?" by Chiba Tetsuya


It’s hanging on the wall of the Sumida Ward Office in Tokyo, and these cranes were made by the residents of Sumida-Ward.
In Japan, origami cranes are often crafted for prayer. Sumida Ward has produced an object a year to display the ward office for this 30 years and this year’s version is Joe. It is displayed from March 2021 to March 2022 as usual.

Chiba Tetsuya, the artist of 'Ashita no Joe’ had lived in Sumida in his childhood. This relationship made the 30th memorial object designed by Chiba come true.

So, this mosaic was not made in response to the current world situation. However, I can’t help thinking something when I see it in such a situation in the spring of 2022 and I want you who are probably heartbroken to share Joe’s words.