3 life-size statues of Joe Yabuki in Tokyo


'Ashita no Joe’ was published about 50 years ago, 1968 – 1973.

However, Joe is still loved by so many people in Japan.

As if to prove our mind, there are several statues of Joe Yabuki in Tokyo.

Let me show you three statues of his life-size.

Statue of Joe in Ooizumi Anime gate

The first one is a bronze statue at the front of the station Ooizumi-Gakuen. (大泉学園)

Ooizumi-Gakuen is the birthplace of Japanese Animation.



1956 Toei Animation built a studio here.
After that Tezuka Osamu established Tezuka movie production, this area became a place of the dispatch of anime.

There are a little less than 100 animated cartoon connection companies in this area now.

The front of the Ooizumi-Gakuen station is named “Ooizumi Anime Gate", other than Joe, 999 Metel, Urusei Yatsura lamb, and Atom are also displayed.

Official site (written in Japanese)

This is a panel set on the station.

Animated feature films made in this place are arranged in chronological order.

ooizumigakuen_tomorrowsjoe panel

The original comic was a collaboration by Takamori Asao (=Kajiwara Ikki) and Chiba Tetsuya, and the animation was made by Tezuka Osamu anime production.

Fighting Joe

Joe is fighting.



ooizumigakuen_joeyabuki_statue - trim_re

The back indicating his stoic life.


This is a plate buried in the ground with signs of the author Takamori Asao(高森朝雄) and the artist Chiba Tetsuya(ちばてつや) .



The Plate says,

Ashita no Joe

Joe Yabuki’s talent of boxing was found by Danepei Tange.

However, he was arrested for his crime and thrown into a reform school.

Then he met Tooru Rikiishi and his fierce boxing life began.

”Ashita no Joe” is a monumental achievement of the boxing comics that arose sympathy from young men of the same generation.

And Joe’s words are carved.

I burn myself up in the ring.

Even if it’s only for a moment, it burns dazzlingly red.

All that’s left is only white ash.

No residue can remain. …Just pure white ash.

Ooizumi Anime Gate
MAP 1 Chome 29-7 Higashi-ooizumi Nerima-ku, Tokyo-to

Seibu-Ikebukuro Line Ooizumi-Gakuen station’s pedestrian deck

Exit from the north ticket gate and turn right.

Statue of Joe in Kinshicho

Kinshicho (錦糸町) is in the eastern part of Tokyo.

Joe is standing at the front of a boxing club, conducted by the 47th Japan featherweight champion Toshikage Kimura.


MAP LIBERATION BOXING 4 Chome-1-4 Ishiwara, Sumida-ku, Tōkyō-to

Nearby is JR Soubu Line Kinshicho station or Ryogoku station.

This figure is displayed outside only during the business hours of the gym.

Statue of Joe in his hometown Sanya

Sanya (山谷) is a town of the stage of this story.

It is in the northwest of Asakusa.

A mall in this town announces itself as the “hometown of Ashita no Joe" and sets his statue there to energize the town.

The figure of Joe is set at the entrance of the shopping mall.

statue_Joe Yabuki_Sanya

joe statue sanya

joe statue sanya back

Not alike ……

Until around the fall of 2017, there were some panels of Ashita no Joe as below.

Unfortunately, now they’ve been removed.

sanya ashita no joe panels

MAP 1 Chome-32-3 Nihonzutsumi, Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to

Minamisenju station (JR Joban Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, and Tsukuba-Express) or Minowa station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line) is nearby.

My recommendation is to use the circulation bus “Megurin Bus" from Asakusa station.

Route Map of Megurin Bus (English)

Get on Megurin at RED1 (Asakusa-eki), and get off at RED12 (Ryusen 3chome).

Joe can be seen from the bus stop RED12.

The ride fare is only 100 yen regardless of distance.