Q&A about MEGALO BOX answered by director Moriyama


The director of MEGALO BOX Moriyama answered the questions from audiences on Twitter.

I introduce some answers.

These questions were collected at Megaro box event.
The reception of questions has been closed.

Character’s recent situation


Q: How are Yukiko and Mikio?

Joe, Yuri, Gansaku, and children appeared in the last scene.

Then, how are Yukiko and Mikio?

Do they have any opportunities to meet Joe or Yuri after that?

Moriyama answered:

Both are the same as before.

Mikio still lives in that lodge.

I guess that he sometimes goes to see Yuri to check and care postoperatively.

Q: Is Fujimaki still a bookie?

Moriyama answered:

Yes. And he continues to manage that restaurant.

The past of the characters


Q: Where did Joe and Gansaku live before their moving to the ship?

Moriyama answered:

They didn’t live together.

Gansaku lived in his track.

Joe wandered temporary bed from place to place.

And Joe didn’t have adequate training in the fixed Megalo boxer era.

Q: Did Gansaku coach any boxers except Aragaki?

Moriyama answered:

No. The official boxer belonged to Gansaku was only Aragaki.

Q: Did something happen among Gansaku and Fujimaki in their past?

Moriyama answered:

They were strangers.

Fujimaki simply tried to take advantage of Gansaku who suffered from debt.

Q: Is Fujimaki an ex Megalo boxer?

He analyzed the ability as the second of Gansaku precisely.

Moriyama answered:


Q: Who taught an incantation to touch the wall to Joe?

Moriyama answered:

Gansaku did.

Characters setting

Q: Tell me the characters’ age.

Moriyama answered:

Joe is in his early 20’s.

Yukiko and Yuri are in their mid 20’s.

Mikio is slightly older than them.

Q: Image model of the characters

If you do not mind, please tell me the actor who became the image model of the characters.

(Moriyama said that he gave the name of the actor when he told the image of the characters to designer Miyoshi.)

Moriyama answered:

Joe: Johnny Depp on “Cry-baby"

Yuri: Mads Mikkelsen

Gansaku: Luis Guzmán

Yukiko: Eva Green

Fujimaki: Benicio del Toro

Q: Was the birthday listed in forged ID “2073/5/13” Joe’s or the real owner’s?

Moriyama answered:

It was the owner’s birthday.

By the way, “2073/5/13” is an arranged date from the day of the end of “Ashita no Joe” series 1973/5/13.

Q: Does Yuri’s dog have a name?

Moriyama answered:

We didn’t give that dog any name because Yuri didn’t seem to name a dog.

Personally, I thought that that dog was male.

Q: What are the black belts attaching to Joe’s pants?


Moriyama answered:

I designed his pants with images of parachute pants.

Those are safety belts.

In the era of MEGLO BOX, many products released by the military are sold cheaply in the non-authorization district.

Q: Are there episodes about Gansaku’s cross?

Moriyama answered:

As a matter of fact, Gansaku is mixed with South America.

So he has the cross naturally.

It is something like a spirit-dwelling object of his conscience.

Q: Is Yuri Russian?

Moriyama answered:

He is Japanese.

About Megalo Box


Q: Why did Joe wear the gear at the game against Barrows?

Moriyama answered:

To return to JUNK DOG.

His gear was meaning the fixed game between Joe and Gansaku.

So geared Joe was fixed JD.

Nobody ordered him, but he wore it for self-will.

Q: Which did Fujimaki bet on Joe or Yuri at the final match of Megalonia?

Moriyama answered:

I think Joe.


Q: What does the scorpion mean?

Moriyama answered:

It’s an allegory of the true character.

Q: Will Joe come back?

Then, will Joe come back to ring someday according to his instinct?

Moriyama answered:

I don’t know.


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